Ensus Consulting

Ensus consulting BV is a consulting and services firm operating at the interface between science, government and industries covering biological, biocidal, (agro)chemical and environmental products and technologies. Our core value is to offer services, advice and solutions that help our society to live more sustainably. The name Ensus stands therefore for ENvironment and SUStainability.

Dr. Jaak Ryckeboer started his consultancy services in 2003, after more than 10 years of professional experience in applied biological sciences, at academic level as well as at industry level, with specific focus on hygiene-related topics of importance for humans, animals or plants. These early consultancy services were complemented with regulatory work specific in the field of biocidal products and its active substances, and later on by dossiers relating to processing aids, Legionella control, plant protection products, etc. . >Read More


Focus on:

  • Biocidal Products and Active Substances, incl. treated articles, in situ products, dual-use products, Legionella, etc.
  • Processing aids
  • Plant Protection Products

We can help you with:

  • Dossiers in individual Member States during the transitional phase, and after approval of the active substance(s)
  • European dossiers


Aspects of hygiëne products and environmental technologies:

  • Water, air and soil
  • Food and feed (area), and organic wastes
  • Humans, animals and plants

We can help you with:

  • Innovation studies and projects
  • Speaking, writing, instructing on topics of expertise


  • A friendly, uncomplicated and independent service;
  • A strong scientific background, our staff members are educated to PhD level with over 20 years of experience in scientific research incl. microbiology, chemicals and environmental technologies;
  • Multidisciplinary approach based on a variety of knowledge and proven expertise;
  • Long-standing co-operation with universities, knowledge and research institutions, reputable experts, laboratories, and authorities worldwide;
  • Aware of the state-of-the-art of legislations (national and European);
  • Flexible, tailored solutions and services to the individual and specific needs of our customers.